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Roman Doric Capital

A column is made up of a base, a shaft, and a capital. While a shaft might be decorated with flutes, or vertical grooves, it is usually the capital that is the more decorative feature of a column. Make sure that you consider the Roman Doric capital design for your columns.

A Roman Doric capital design is based on the Doric column capital design of the ancient Greeks. The Doric capital design of the ancient Greeks was elegantly simple. The design of the Roman Doric capital retains the understated elegance of the Doric capital and adds a touch of décor to enliven the capital’s appearance.

The Roman Doric capital is available in several sizes so that you can match your capital to the size of column that you desire.

A Roman Doric capital is made from fiberglass reinforced polymer. This material makes the Roman Doric capital impervious to weather or termites while retaining the look and feel of real stone. And, the Roman Doric capital requires very little maintenance after installation.

Pick the Roman Doric capital for your columns. Your building will benefit from this capital’s elegance and simplicity.